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The therapy I received at Performance for my fractured shoulder was extensive and I am pleased with the results. The recent therapy I received for sciatic nerve pain was successful in eliminating it


I feel absolutely 100% better. Before coming here I had numbness in my fingers, my shoulder was constantly throbbing. Not anymore! Ryan, I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thanks again!

James R., (Fulton, NY)

My experience here working with Ryan Martin was great! The trouble I had was I couldn’t run a lot and now I can. I just wanted to say thank you so much.

Janna M., (Fulton, NY)

Performance PT is courteous, friendly and highly skilled—a great place for all your therapy needs. Mike Fay is attentive and takes the time to listen. I am grateful for the care and hard work he put into my recovery after hand surgery. Thank You.

Jill T. (Fulton, NY)

I was having VERY bad pain in right hip & side. I was shown how to exercise my back and hips by my therapist Ryan, and within a few days most of the pain was gone and in 2 weeks, it was completely gone. I was also shown how to keep it from returning—what exercises to use. Great Job!

Jerry T. (Fulton, NY)

When I started PT, I was constantly limping and in pain. I had to take breaks if I stood or walked for too long and I was always on painkillers. Now after working with my therapist Ryan, I can work, walk, stand, and move around comfortably.

Sam K., (Fulton, NY)

Pneumonia hospitalized me for a good 3 weeks. Had to relearn how to walk and get hand, eye, and arm coordination back. I did inpatient rehab and got to where I could feed myself, wash-up and walk short distances with a walker. Performance P.T. (Marissa Hanlon) helped with the endurance & leg strength. Ouch it hurt at times using muscles that quit working. After a while, I quit using the walker and started walking the street (instead of just the driveway) at home. I’ve progressed to going back to work part time on a desk job (I work in a factory) where I schedule, make recommendations and train personnel. Still not quite up to speed, but it’s only been 4 months since I was totally unable to walk.

David W., (Fulton, NY)

I had three of more shots in my hip that did not work. After seeing another doctor and having another shot, the pain in my hip and thigh nearly ended. Unfortunately, I went a considerable amount of time with little mobility. The doctor told me I needed physical therapy to improve my joint movement and to increase muscle tone.

Mike Fay took time to explain every manipulation he performed on my leg and hip. Along with his explanation, he provided paper copies of exercises for me to practice at home. I continue to work out each day following the exercise copies Mike provided.

Today I played 18 holes of golf. I had some nerve pain in my leg and hip, but I had NO trouble with my mobility and endurance. Had it not been for Mike at Performance Physical Therapy I would have been home watching TV instead of playing golf.

Blase L., (Elbridge, NY)

My experience here at Performance Physical Therapy was wonderful! I came here with issues with my shoulder, not being able to carry bags or do certain exercises. Having the support to get my shoulder stronger, I am now able to do the things I wasn’t able to do. Marissa was very helpful with going over the exercises I needed to do here and at home. She was a huge help! I would recommend Performance Physical Therapy to anyone who needs help!

Trisha H., (Fulton, NY)

When I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back, my doctor recommended I do physical therapy at Performance Physical Therapy in Fulton.

The back pain and sciatica had taken over my life.

Marissa Hanlon helped me get my life back!

We talked about what things I wanted to get back to doing, and then Marissa tailored a physical therapy plan for me to strengthen my core, legs and arms so I could do those things without aggravating my herniated disk.

Now I do those exercises every day and they have made living with back pain and sciatica possible.

Marissa and the staff at Performance Physical Therapy truly care about their patients and I would recommend them to any one and I have.

Darlene D., (Fulton, NY)

After visiting with my primary care doctor for left knee pain from playing basketball, she requested physical therapy. After my first visit to the therapist, I had little range of motion in my left knee. The therapist gave me exercises to do at home and the office. After six weeks, 2x a week, my knee has more range of motion and more flexibility and most of all, not much pain! The people at Performance PhysicalTherapy were very helpful and kind.

Robert S., (Fulton, NY)

My experience at Performance PT has been wonderful and very, very helpful. Before my neck pain was awful and now I have no pain at all. Previously I had trouble reading, sleeping, moving my neck, etc. Now I can do all the things I was unable to manage without neck pain. I wish I had come sooner. My treatments have completely cured me of neck pain!

Carol G. (Elbridge, NY)

Thanks to Mike Fay, I’m healed. Mike was great, very informative, patient and soft spoken. He always explained everything that he was doing and what needed to be done. Mike and I have had lots of laughs during our sessions, something I’ve never had before in PT. He treats you like a person and not just another patient. Thank you Mike, I’ve enjoyed our time together.

Michelle S. (Weedsport, NY)

Mike Fay was excellent in handling my plantar fasciitis. I was in pain for 1-1/2 years. The treatments and the stretches he instructed for me to use and the encouragement and patience helped the pain go away and allowed me to return to my normal activities

G.H. (Elbridge, NY)

The level of care I received at Performance Physical Therapy was fantastic! Both Mike Fay and Jeff Wilson expedited the healing process to my right shoulder after rotator cuff repair surgery. Their expertise and knowledge far exceeded my expectations. They are not only great professionals, but also great people. I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy to see Mike, Jeff or Mike at Performance PT!

B.O. (Fulton, NY)

I had a fantastic experience at Performance Physical Therapy! I’ve had physical therapy at other facilities before where I was one of many patients working with one therapist at the same time. At Performance, my therapist, Mike Ryan, worked exclusively with me at each session. Mike took the time to speak with me and understand my needs and goals, besides just doing a physical assessment. He was exemplary in every way, continually checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable with my exercises and that I was doing OK at the beginning and end of every session. Mike is very knowledgeable and genuinely a good guy with a great sense of humor. I have and will continue to recommend Performance PT to anyone who might benefit from therapy.

J.B. (Fulton, NY)

A letter from a patient to her doctor:

I would like you to know that Michael Fay has done a great job with me. I can now go to the grocery store without the hurt I had in my groin and I am sleeping so much better, without pain. The exercises he gave me have really been a big help. I would recommend him to anyone.

Helen H. (Elbridge, NY)

I was having bad pain in my left hip and down my left leg. I was having difficulty walking. My doctor examined my hip and leg and advised me to see a physical therapist. I made an appointment with Mike Fay, PT in Elbridge. The therapy and the exercises he had me do at home soon had me pain-free! I would gladly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to get rid of their pain and get back to their normal life!

V.M. (Elbridge, NY)

I went to Performance Physical therapy for a problem I was having with my knee. My therapist, Jeff Wilson was excellent! After each session, my knee felt so much better. The staff was very helpful and courteous.

E.P. (Fulton, NY)

A letter from one of our patients to their referring physician:

Wow – I can reach straight up and behind my back now! Michael Ryan is the best! This was a good experience! The staff was professional – friendly – helpful. Now I know what I need to do to keep my shoulder moving and fluid!

I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs therapy. He is knowledgeable and a charming Irishman!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to come to Performance Physical Therapy.

C.S. (Fulton, NY)

I saw Mike Fay for therapy for my lower back pain and he helped me a lot! He taught me physical movements I could practice anywhere to strengthen my back and abdominal muscles. I’m doing so much better because of his help!

K.C. (Elbridge, NY)

I had a very good experience with Mike Ryan for my therapy. He was very informative and pushed me enough to gain improvement each week. The front office staff was able to accommodate me with scheduling appointments that were convenient for me. I was also having a lot of sciatic and hip pain and Mike also showed me some exercises to do for that.

L.W. (Fulton, NY)

I went to Performance Physical Therapy for pain I was having in my hips and knees. My therapist Jeff Wilson was excellent and my knees felt much better after each session. The staff was very helpful and courteous and I would recommend them to anyone who needs therapy!

E.P. (Fulton, NY)

I’m glad I chose Performance Physical Therapy. They got me back on my feet after knee replacement surgery. Mike Fay and the crew are the best! Anyone needing physical therapy should give them a try!

D.M. (Elbridge, NY)

I would like to thank Mike Fay for the therapy he did on my knee and ankle. I am doing great now with hardly any discomfort. He is a gentle and caring person and I would recommend anyone with physical problems to him. He has done wonders for me!

His receptionist, Cindy, is very professional and attentive to all their patients. When you have an appointment, she gets you in right away, I never have to wait. They are true friends to me!

D.S. (Elbridge, NY)

I was very pleased with Performance Physical Therapy! The treatments provided by my therapist, Jeff Wilson, made my knee a lot stronger after the surgery. I would recommend them to anyone!

Brenda L. (Fulton, NY)

The issue with my ankle was resolved quickly, however the knee problem seems to be more than just a therapy issue. The care I received as a patient was superior and always a lot of fun. I truly value the work that Mike Ryan does!

Dolores W.(Fulton, NY)

I finished my PT with Mike Fay after 9 visits. Mike was able to manipulate my lower back to ease nerve responses in my left thigh and gave me various exercises to strengthen my left thigh and hip. The results have been good. There is still some sensitivity but with continuing the exercise program at home I hope to further my progress.

Lois M. (Fulton, NY)

Everything was great! Pain, yes, but I know it helped. Everyone was very nice. I couldn’t ask for anyone better, Mike Ryan was very good!

Barbara N. (Fulton, NY)

I would like you to know about the excellent care I received at Performance Physical Therapy in Elbridge. I had knee resurfacing surgery on Aug. 11th, 2014 and started therapy on August 17th. I was using a walker when I started and after 10 visits I was walking quite well without assistance. I wish to thank Mike Fay PT, Cindy and Darleen for all their wonderful help and care, Thank you Performance Physical Therapy!

Peggy B. (Elbridge, NY)

The therapy was great. I feel that it helped me get my strength back after I fell and broke my hip. Mike Ryan, PT worked me hard and it has paid off!

Vita C. (Fulton, NY)

Everyone at Performance Physical Therapy was friendly and caring. They helped me recover faster after my knee replacement. Job well done! Got me to my goal! Thank you!

Pearl S. (Elbridge, NY)

I’m glad I chose Performance Physical Therapy. They got me back on my feet after knee replacement surgery. Michael Fay and the crew are the best. Anyone needing Physical Therapy should try them!

David M. (Elbridge, NY)

After injuring my knee playing lacrosse, I had reconstructive surgery to repair a torn ACL. Both of my parents had been to Performance Physical Therapy before, and they highly recommended them for my rehab. After working with my therapist, Mike Ryan, PT, I was eventually able to get back to playing competitive lacrosse. Mike, thanks for being my ‘knee man’!”

Alex went on to play with the Iroquois National Team in the Lacrosse World Cup competition in 2006 and hopes to play professional lacrosse one day.

Alex C. (Fulton, NY)

I have been a competitive power lifter for more than 20 years. At age 67, I tore my rotator cuff while training for a competition. After undergoing rotator cuff surgery, I was referred to Performance Physical Therapy by my surgeon. Working with my therapist, Steve Guidone, PT, I not only recovered full use of my shoulder, but I went on to set 2 national AAU age group records for power lifting at age 69. Performance PT can help you get great results too!

Juan C. (Fulton, NY)

I have just completed 8 weeks of physical therapy for my knees at Performance Physical Therapy. I am very satisfied with the results! I can walk, handle stairs and get up and down from a sitting position better than I could before. I would definitely recommend Performance PT to anyone who needs physical therapy!

E.C. (Elbridge, NY)

After falling down our back steps and landing on my right side, my doctor sent me for x-rays, thinking I might have broken my hip. Luckily there were no fractures so she suggested physical therapy at Performance PT. Since the pain in my hip and groin was so severe, I realized that something had to be done, and I hoped this would be the answer.

After several weeks of treatment, there was much improvement. I’m now walking normally again with no pain!

The thoughtfulness, caring and consideration shown me by Mike Fay, PT and his staff is much appreciated. I will certainly recommend Performance Physical Therapy to anyone!

W.B. (Jordan, NY)